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S May 27, 2015

The Widow’s Surprise: Higher Income Taxes

Q. A friend of mine, widowed last year, was shocked at how much more Federal income tax she must pay compared to when she and her husband were filing jointly. She assured me that her widowed friends all complain of the same thing. While I realized there is only one read more…

AB May 26, 2015

Take Two Skittles and Call Me in the Morning

It’s the gold standard in medical research – the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. By double-blind, we mean that neither the researcher nor the patient knows what treatment the patient receives. Placebo-controlled means that some patients get placebo while others get an actual treatment.

Imagine you’ve developed a game-changing new treatment read more…

A May 25, 2015

How To Live In Luxury On Somebody’s Else’s Dime

I walked onto the patio that extended from the top floor of Kelly’s house. Like the patio on the floor below, and the floor below that, it had a giant living space with comfy chairs and sofas. The dramatic view of Mexico’s Lake Chapala extended east and west, as read more…

S May 22, 2015

The Thinness of Wealth

Are we heading toward a retirement crisis, or not?

It’s a simple question. But when a question has many answers, we should pause. Earlier this year three researchers examined the scope of the estimates. They found an astounding range. On the optimist side, economists William Gale, John read more…

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