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AB Sep 30, 2014

Like Superheroes, Super Foods Are Fictional Characters

If you pay any attention to the internet or grocery store check-out lines, you‘ve no doubt heard certain foods referred to as “Super Foods.”  These foods are supposed to be so packed with nutrition that they will somehow transform your health. read more…

A Sep 29, 2014

Is Your International School’s Retirement Package As Strong As You Think?

Janette accepts a job at an international school in China.  She’s thrilled by the school’s retirement package.  They match what she invests, up to an amount equaling 10 percent of her annual salary.  In other words, if she were paid $50,000 per year and invested $5000, the school would pitch in an additional $5000.  That’s a 100 percent annual gain.  read more…

S Sep 26, 2014

How To Overcome Fear of Required Distributions

Things change. Ten years ago the most common reader question about IRA accounts was this.  “How can I avoid the penalty for withdrawals taken before age 59 ½?” Today the most common question is: “What can I do to avoid the Required Minimum Distributions I must take after age 70 read more…

S Sep 24, 2014

Why You Can’t Take 8 Percent From An Average Return of 8 Percent

Q. You often say people approaching retirement should plan on taking no more than 4 percent of their investment fund per year in retirement. Many others say the same. Otherwise, they'll run out of money. But if my investments average about 8 percent a year, why can't I plan on taking about 8 percent a year of my investment total in retirement?  —R. O., by email read more…

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Millionaire Teacher

The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School

By Andrew Hallam

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