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A Apr 20, 2015

How To Retire Like The Rich, Even If You Aren’t

Imagine this.  You climb out of bed and wander into the kitchen.  Your maid is cooking breakfast.  Coffee is brewing and there’s a glass of freshly squeezed juice on the table. After breakfast, you book a 5 star holiday.  You take three of them in Southeast Asia each year.  This one is to Bali.   read more…

S Apr 17, 2015

How Seniors Can Spend More and Leave More

Imagine you are at a delicate point in your life. You and your spouse are 66, poised to retire and take Social Security. Your combined benefits will be $32,000 a year. You also will have another $32,000 of income from other sources.  read more…

S Apr 15, 2015

Eliminating PMI Can Be a Good Investment

Q. My nephew was asking me if I thought it was better to bump up his 401(k) contribution to the max, or to pay more money towards his two-year-old 3.5 percent mortgage. The case for the 401(k) bump is obvious, but if he could pay enough additional towards the mortgage principal to eliminate the PMI - wouldn't that make at least as much sense as the 401(k) strategy? Either way, he is still "paying himself." —B.W., by email  read more…

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