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S Dec 17, 2014

Some Have Enough To Retire, Some Don’t

Q. My question is very simple. I am 55 years old. I have a government job from which I can retire and have about a $4,000 a month annuity. I also have a house payment of $1,600 (still owe 25 plus years), no other major debt. And I have saved $450,000 in a 401(k) account. Can I retire based on this scenario? —T.H., by email read more…

A Dec 15, 2014

In Defense Of Advisors Who Sell Variable Annuities

“How could my financial advisor have done this to me?”  Many ask this question after they buy a variable annuity.  You’ve heard that most of these products are nasty. Some say high fees burden them.  Others complain that they’re inflexible.  They penalize investors who try to sell before a read more…

S Dec 12, 2014

Living Larger, But Avoiding Ruin

“I’ll have a great retirement— provided I die by Friday.”For those who have little or no savings, this grim witticism pretty much sums it up. For the rest of us, retirement spending is a delicate dance. Uncertainties here (What kind of return will I get on my savings? Will inflation be greater than I expect?). And unknowns there (When will I die? Will I end up in a nursing home?). read more…

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