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S Apr 18, 2014

Do You Own the Right Amount of Home?

Most Americans own more home than they can afford. If it isn’t more home than they can afford today, it certainly will be more than they can afford tomorrow. The litmus test for this is single question: Will your financial assets be greater than the value of your home when you retire?  For most Americans— a large majority— the answer is “no.” And that spells trouble. read more…

A Apr 14, 2014

High School Personal Finance Classes; Are They Really Useless?

Failure is frustrating.  But it’s part of life.  As a Personal Finance teacher, I’m wondering whether my work, over the past few years, will serve a long-term purpose. Years from now, will my lessons enter a cranial fog, joining (among others) content from AP Physics, Trigonometry or Chemistry? read more…

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Millionaire Teacher

The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School

By Andrew Hallam

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