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A Aug 3, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers What School Districts Can’t

In 2009, Laura Candler’s oldest daughter was ready to go to college.  There was just one problem.  Laura didn’t have the money.  She didn’t want her daughter to get buried under a pile of student loans.  So Laura found a fast, creative solution.For years, the North Carolina based-school teacher shared her best classroom material online for free.   She decided to create new resources to sell online.  “Last year, I made more than 3 times as much money from sales of my teacher resources as I was as a classroom teacher with a Master’s Degree, 29 years’ experience, and National Board Certification.” read more…

S Jul 31, 2015

Social Security: It’s Still in the Woods

The Social Security Trustees released their new report last Wednesday. Hours later, Huffington Post writer Nancy Altman made a declaration. The “2015 Trustees Report Confirms that Expanding Social Security Is Fully Affordable." Ms. Altman is co-founder of Social Security Works! The organization has the laudable goal of expanding Social Security rather than shrinking it. read more…

AB Jul 28, 2015

It’s Not About You…But It’s Only About You

If you want to start a tense discussion between medical professionals, mention mammograms. The upcoming revision of breast cancer screening recommendations by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is causing disagreement in the medical world. The new draft maintains and clarifies the grade of C given to screening mammography for women age 40-49 back in 2009.  read more…

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