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A Jun 29, 2015

Bank Fraud: How I Lost 9 Million In A Single Day

I always chuckled while watching my wife work an ATM.  She skulks up to them like a commando.  She looks up.  She looks back.  She covers the keys with her hand, squinting at the digits through the cracks between her knuckles.  But after mocking her for years, it’s time that I took some lessons.  read more…

S Jun 26, 2015

Happiness and The Life of Riley Index

The cost of being independently upper-middle class declined a bit in the last year. But just a bit. So don’t expect any shouts of joy here— just an ongoing assessment of how much money we would need to be better off than most. The magic number this year: $4,363,503. Yes, it’s time for the annual Life of Riley Index update. The index, which goes back to 1985, measures the amount of income you need to enter the top 25 percent of households in the United States. This year, the estimate is $77,234.  read more…

AB Jun 23, 2015

Beach Reads for the Slightly Nerdy

Summer has arrived. It’s time to plan that trip to the beach, complete with the stack of books you will consume, umbrella-laden drink in hand.If you aren’t a chick-lit or plot-driven fiction fan, I’ve got some great alternatives for you. These are some of my all-time favorite science/medicine books. Don’t roll your eyes. Their pages are filled with action, romance, peril, death and triumph. Who needs fiction when you’ve got real life? read more…

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