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S Apr 24, 2015

Social Security Benefits and the Single Taxpayer

The tax burden on Social Security benefits isn’t just for couples filing joint returns. It’s an equal opportunity burden— it falls on singles, too. Whatever your marital status, you are subject to the tax if you have income from sources other than Social Security. read more…

S Apr 22, 2015

Some Annuities Are More Useful Than Others

Q. My wife and I are both 63. We feel well positioned for retirement in three more years. Our financial adviser has suggested that we move some money currently in CDs into annuities in order to earn more interest and save on taxes. My reservation is that I think I read more…

AB Apr 21, 2015

The Real Cost of Chronic Disease

For most people, being sick is punishment enough to want to make a change. But change is hard and sometimes other incentives are needed. As the saying goes, “Money talks.”

So let’s talk about the cost of disease. There is a lot of information out there about the cost of disease read more…

A Apr 20, 2015

How To Retire Like The Rich, Even If You Aren’t

Imagine this.  You climb out of bed and wander into the kitchen.  Your maid is cooking breakfast.  Coffee is brewing and there’s a glass of freshly squeezed juice on the table. After breakfast, you book a 5 star holiday.  You take three of them in Southeast Asia each year.  This one is to Bali.   read more…

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