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AB Aug 19, 2014

Planning for the Cost of Caregiving

Amy Rogers MDThere comes a point that college education for your children and retirement for yourself are no longer events that will happen “some day.” The weight of funding these needs is heavy. So it can be a blow to find another massive expense has settled squarely on your shoulders.  read more…

S Aug 15, 2014

If Retirement Is So Terrible, Where Are the Riots?

I’ve lost count of the surveys telling us that all Americans will suffer deprivation when they retire. I'm sure you have, too. A recent Harris Poll found that 74 percent of Americans worried about retirement. The National Retirement Risk Index now indicates that 53 percent of Americans are “at risk.” read more…

S Aug 13, 2014

Exchange Traded Funds a Boon for Small IRA Accounts

Q. I have a small IRA that I have in certificates of deposit at a local credit union.  The interest rates are low and I am willing to move the funds. But I need advice about where and how.  I love your idea of low cost investing.  Are there funds that will take my small contributions of $500 at a time?  The total balance of my regular IRA is $22,300.  I am still working and will be turning 60 this year.   —J.H., by email read more…

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