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A Sep 17, 2014

Crack The Cycle Of Poverty With No Effort Or Cost

Imagine the government rounding up people.Those exceeding grade 8 educations, come this way. You wear glasses.  You must be smart.  Step forward please.Cambodia’s leader, Pol Pot, did this between 1975 and 1979.  His goal?  To eliminate the educated.  He viewed them as threats to his regime.  In just a few short years, genocide reduced the country’s population by 25 percent.  read more…

AB Sep 16, 2014

Sleep: You’re Doing It Wrong

It seems that once we pass age ten or eleven the days of sleeping well are behind us. First we have the teen years where early mornings and late nights are thrust upon us without our permission. Next, during the young adult years, we choose late nights with friends over sleep. Finally we face the parenting years - that blur of sleepless nights that begins with fussy infants and closes out with new teen drivers. read more…

S Sep 10, 2014

Social Security: It’s Not an All-Or-None Thing

Q.  My husband and I are in our late forties. We are saving for retirement with the assumption that social security will be bankrupt by the time we retire. We are not planning on receiving anything. We don’t feel we should rely on Social Security benefits to support ourselves. We hope to be happily surprised if we are wrong. Your financial calculations in a recent column rely on Social Security providing a large portion of retirement income for most people, yet I thought you have said in other columns that this is a tenuous source of future support. Can you clarify this for me? —A.S., Austin, TX  read more…

S Sep 5, 2014

Websites: One Billion and Counting?

No one rang a bell. And you may not have noticed. But sometime in late July the number of websites in the world may have surpassed one billion. That’s: 1,000,000,000. Don’t believe me? Check it for yourself. As I write this, the official count at is about 1,050,000,000. It was under one billion in mid-July. The number may be higher by the time you read this. read more…

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