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S Aug 20, 2014

Yes, the Risk Is “In There”: High Yield Municipal Bond Funds

Q. How about municipal bond funds rather than individual bonds? Do they make sense? I have money in a closed-end muni fund (MAV) that’s paying over 7 percent. The interest income comes in at the end of the month, every month. I know that can’t go on forever and I would imagine when interest rates go up I will need to make an adjustment. But 7 percent and no tax ain’t bad! That works for my math. — R.H., by email  read more…

AB Aug 19, 2014

Planning for the Cost of Caregiving

Amy Rogers MDThere comes a point that college education for your children and retirement for yourself are no longer events that will happen “some day.” The weight of funding these needs is heavy. So it can be a blow to find another massive expense has settled squarely on your shoulders.  read more…

S Aug 15, 2014

If Retirement Is So Terrible, Where Are the Riots?

I’ve lost count of the surveys telling us that all Americans will suffer deprivation when they retire. I'm sure you have, too. A recent Harris Poll found that 74 percent of Americans worried about retirement. The National Retirement Risk Index now indicates that 53 percent of Americans are “at risk.” read more…

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