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AB Jul 7, 2015

Stress, Social Media, and Your Health

No matter which spot on the political spectrum you call home, the last couple of weeks have given you something to talk about. The Supreme Court addressed gay marriage, Obamacare, the death penalty and other hot topics this session. Fellow Americans were senselessly killed in Charleston, SC.  All that controversy gave the next batch of presidential candidates something to use for talking points. read more…

A Jul 6, 2015

Is College A Waste of Time And Money?

Last week, I got together with a few of my old high school friends.  Our educations differ. So do our incomes. As a high school teacher, my salary was the lowest.  Andy, a former business school graduate, makes a bit more than me.  Joe, a civil engineer, makes more than AndyTwo other friends, Moze and Jeff, don’t have college degrees.  But they make more money than we do. Even better, they were never saddled with college debt. Moze drives a Canadian National Railway freight train.  Jeff owns a business that sells school supplies.  read more…

S Jul 3, 2015

Don’t Dismiss Rand Paul’s Tax Plan

Most news media dismissed Rand Paul’s tax plan, like his candidacy for President, as a non-starter. Reports failed to grasp a gigantic part of the plan. They also wrongly concluded that the flat tax was a big break for high-income people but not so good for middle-income people. Let’s take a closer look at what the plan offers.  read more…

S Jul 1, 2015

Paying Down Your Mortgage Is More Important Than Tax Deductions

Q. In mid-July, I will be getting a job-related lump sum payment of $175,000 (before taxes). I'm trying to figure out the most responsible use for the money. I max out my 401(k) plan contributions every year and my wife - who is self-employed - contributes to her SEP.All of our savings are in tax-advantaged retirement accounts. They total about $950,000. One obvious option for our windfall is to pay down our mortgage a bit. The outstanding balance is about $500,000, but it is at a very low interest rate (3.875 percent), and with the mortgage interest tax deduction, I'm not sure that's the best option.  read more…

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