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S Aug 28, 2015

Lacy Hunt: Why Interest Rates Won’t Rise

Economist Lacy Hunt thinks long-term Treasury bonds are a buy.That’s definitely not the conventional wisdom. He’s nearly alone in his view, but it has been correct year after year. The conventional wisdom has been wrong.Maybe its time more people listened to what he says. read more…

S Aug 26, 2015

Cash Is Only Good When Stores Are Stocked

Q.  For the past several months my wife has encouraged us to increase the amount of cash we keep at home and on our persons. She worries that if our banks and financial institutions may encounter serious financial difficulties. If that happens, we could not count on getting immediate access to funds in our bank savings, money market savings and checking accounts.   read more…

AB Aug 25, 2015

Break a Rib, Save a Life

Nearly one third of patients who receive effective CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) ends up with a broken rib. The idea of breaking a rib can make people hesitant to learn CPR. And the thought of mouth-to-mouth makes reasonable people nervous about possible infection. The good news is you don’t have to perform mouth-to-mouth anymore. And you can’t make someone whose heart has stopped worse by performing CPR. That’s about as bad as it gets. read more…

A Aug 24, 2015

Running From The American Dream

“We walked across the desert in the dark,” explained Juan.  “Our coyote [a paid guide] led us across the Mexican border into the United States.  A guy in a truck picked us up and housed us for the night. By the time I was in my early 20s, I had done it five or six times.  But each time I did it, something pulled me back to Mexico.” read more…

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