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S May 22, 2015

The Thinness of Wealth

Are we heading toward a retirement crisis, or not?

It’s a simple question. But when a question has many answers, we should pause. Earlier this year three researchers examined the scope of the estimates. They found an astounding range. On the optimist side, economists William Gale, John read more…

S May 20, 2015

Retirement Is Expensive If You Try To Do It At 55

Q. Is it possible to estimate how much money a single woman, living in the NY metropolitan area, would need to have saved in order to retire comfortably at age 55? Assume that Social Security, when it kicks in, will be at the upper end. —M.G., by email

A. Like read more…

A May 18, 2015

Is Energy Healing, Like Reiki, Bogus Or For Real?

“I don’t usually tell people this,” whispered Karl, as we were sitting in a pub after work.  The sun shone brightly outside, but the room had few windows and was dimly lit.  “My hands have healing powers,” he said.  “I heard you have cancer.  I might be able to help.”   read more…

AB May 12, 2015

How Much Exercise is Enough?

When you take a medication, like Tylenol for a headache, there are dosing recommendations you follow. That makes sense, because you want to take enough to make your headache go away. But taking too much can be dangerous. Lethal even. Here are the dosage recommendations for Extra Strength Tylenol:

2 Caplets read more…

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The Global Expatriate's Guide to Investing

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Andrew Hallam

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