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S Jan 23, 2015

Introducing The Disgruntled Retiree Index

Allow me to introduce a new economic indicator. It doesn’t come from a government agency. Nor is it the creation of a right- or left-leaning think tank. In a land of indices and measures, there is so little attention to this problem that I had to create the measure myself.I call it the Disgruntled Retiree Index. To provide it with some academic stature, I’ve added the inevitable colon and provided a formal name. It is the “Disgruntled Retiree Index: The Social Security Benefit Taxation Ratio.”  It measures the ratio of the income at which benefits are subject to taxation to the poverty line for the same household size.  read more…

A Jan 22, 2015

Latin Exuberance, European-Style and an Easy-Going Mexican Price Tag

The rider eases his ambling horse along the cobbled street. He stops at the intersection. A few seconds later, I catch up and stand alongside. “Buenos Dias,” he shouts, tipping his cowboy hat while showing a gap-toothed grin. We watch the parade go by. Perhaps half the town is in it.  The other half is watching. Kids sit on their fathers’ shoulders.  Others stand on rooftops—sharing the view with their family dogs.   People eat barbecued corn or yams that they buy from roadside stands. read more…

S Jan 21, 2015

Will Nursing Care Take All Your Money? Maybe Not.

Q. I'd like your opinion for sheltering our money. I'm 67 and my wife is 62. I retired at 55. She retired at 50. We both have pensions that are adequate. I'm collecting Social Security. Our IRA's total $875,000 and we have yet to withdraw any money from them. In both local and high interest checking, we have another $300,000 in savings. We paid cash for our house and our cars are leased. I think we're in good shape.Recently, my wife had to put her parents in a nursing home. We now know that if one of us were to be placed in a nursing home, all of our savings could be exhausted. How can we shelter our savings so that if one of us has to enter a nursing home, the other will still have a substantial amount of money to live on? —P.V., Georgetown, TX read more…

AB Jan 20, 2015

The Part B Benefit You May Have Overlooked

For younger seniors considering their Medicare options for the first time, it can be tempting to skip Medicare Part B. This part of Medicare covers preventive care and medically necessary services other than hospitalization, which is covered by Part A.

Part B coverage will cost you $104.90 per read more…

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