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AB Jul 29, 2014

Want to Fix the Healthcare System? Start with Food

Amy Rogers MDMy pants are too tight. Again. I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life in a size 2 or 4. Now I find myself continually inching up the rack at Kohl’s.  What is it about hitting your forties that makes maintaining a healthy weight such a challenge?Well, there’s correlation, and there’s causation. Here are some other things that correlate with my arrival to the fifth decade. Two teenage children and a seven-year-old involved in theatre, soccer, orchestra, and more. A busy career. A husband with a busy career. Lots of take-out and dining out. Did I mention less exercise? read more…

A Jul 28, 2014

Breaking Away From High Cost Investment Firms

In the 1979 film, Breaking Away, a cycling obsessed kid named Dave is thrilled when his favorite team flies from Italy to do a local bike race. Dave is the only American who can keep up. Despite chatting to the Sicilian boys in Italian, they aren’t impressed.  While climbing a hill, one reaches for Dave’s shifter and jams it into a big gear.  As a result, Dave momentarily struggles.  When he recovers, they toss a pump into his front wheel. Dave lands in the ditch. read more…

S Jul 25, 2014

Sizing Up Your 401(k)

How many employers are wasting the money they spend on employee match contributions? How much can a cost efficient plan add to your retirement security? read more…

S Jul 23, 2014

Saving Is Crucial, But So Is Return

Q. My 37 year-old grandson is in business for himself. He is a great saver, but has never used any method for saving except banking his money.  I told him that was like sticking his money under a mattress and that he desperately needs to get into some kind of retirement saving program.  I am a great fan of Vanguard funds and would like to get him involved in a 500 Index or Wellington fund with Vanguard. read more…

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Millionaire Teacher

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