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A May 4, 2015

Why Even Vanguard’s Mutual Funds Cost More Than You Might Think

Authors Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller were chatting at a party on Shelter Island. Their host was a billionaire hedge fund manager. At one point, Vonnegut says to Heller, “You know, this billionaire makes more money in one day than you made in your whole lifetime from your novel Catch-22.”   read more…

S May 1, 2015

The Other Enemy of 401(k) Plans (And Your Retirement)

What government gives with one hand, it takes back with the other. I’m serious. We experience the taxation of Social Security benefits as a tax on money withdrawn from our retirement plans. Many middle-income retirees are now paying taxes on those withdrawals at a 28.25 percent rate. That’s higher than the 15 percent top rate they paid throughout their working careers.  read more…

S Apr 29, 2015

Before Changing Brokers, Make a Reasonable Measurement of Performance

Q. My wife and I have all our investments with a major brokerage firm and we are not pleased with the return we’ve been getting lately. I have been thinking about putting some of our funds with firms like Fidelity or Vanguard. However, they have so many options that I can’t tell which would be most to our benefit.What would you recommend for a no-load-type fund with moderate risk? —J.S., Dallas, Texas read more…

AB Apr 28, 2015

The Healthy Couch Potato Goes to the Doctor…Or Not

The neighbor on my right is a fit looking 42 year old man. He goes to the doctor every year. He gets the full work up - updated medical history, head to toe physical exam, basic lab work. The neighbor on my left is a fit looking 41 year old man. He hasn’t been to the doctor in four years, because he feels fine.  read more…

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