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Lazy Portfolios

The Couch Potato Portfolios

Total returns as of September 2014.Annualized and Standard Devation since 09/2009

 3 Mth Period 1 Yr Annual3 Yrs Annual 5 Yrs AnnualY-T-D Period 5 Yrs Std Dev
Couch Potato-1.029.6211.7410.225.328.00
Four Square-
Five fold-3.157.4110.668.884.8911.12
Six Ways From Sunday-4.397.5911.098.784.4912.46
Seven Value-3.629.2212.789.665.0212.64
Seven Value 2-3.869.6314.1810.424.6713.35
Nine Emerging-3.719.2213.449.764.6413.89
10 Speed-3.918.8913.639.434.0614.27