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Lazy Portfolios

The Couch Potato Portfolios

Total returns as of June 2014.Annualized and Standard Devation since 06/2009

 3 Mth Period 1 Yr Annual3 Yrs Annual 5 Yrs AnnualY-T-D Period 5 Yrs Std Dev
Couch Potato4.3214.6910.1412.526.418.16
Four Square4.0915.577.1210.096.1010.14
Five fold4.6815.068.0312.698.3011.69
Six Ways From Sunday5.8117.587.9112.839.2812.97
Seven Value5.5718.259.0713.638.9713.20
Seven Value 25.4619.5210.0914.698.8813.96
Nine Emerging5.6618.878.8614.108.6714.61
10 Speed5.6019.588.8813.898.2915.07