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Lazy Portfolios

The Couch Potato Portfolios

Total returns as of June 2015.Annualized and Standard Devation since 06/2010

 3 Mth Period 1 Yr Annual3 Yrs Annual 5 Yrs AnnualY-T-D Period 5 Yrs Std Dev
Couch Potato-0.832.648.0610.291.016.64
Four Square-0.87-3.355.787.590.338.61
Five fold-2.97-1.776.458.97-0.919.40
Six Ways From Sunday-2.69-6.245.818.57-1.0710.66
Seven Value-2.36-4.637.379.64-0.9110.64
Seven Value 2-2.26-3.548.7810.59-0.5311.04
Nine Emerging-1.79-3.398.289.89-0.0411.66
10 Speed-1.61-3.668.649.840.5112.05