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S Oct 29, 2014

Some Alternatives To Expensive Brokerage Accounts

Q. We are paying 2.2 percent in fees to Merrill Lynch. I don't think I can tolerate that. We have some Merrill Lynch investments, so if we move our money to another firm, say at .9 percent or 1 percent, will we have to sell the Merrill Lynch properties and pay taxes on that? They are in an IRA worth about $340,000.  read more…

AB Oct 28, 2014

Journalism and Your Health: The Shocking Information Behind the Headlines

(see what I did there)When something in the media doesn’t jive with our political leanings, we Americans are pretty quick to find all the faulty arguments presented and dismiss the piece. If we are particularly open-minded, we might concede that the article makes a good point and neither party has the answer. But rarely are we swayed to change our political beliefs or our voting plans. It’s why most major elections hinge on a few votes in a handful of states. read more…

A Oct 27, 2014

Pensions On Steroids In Lake Chapala, Mexico

Recently, I joined about a dozen retirees on a six-hour hike above Mexico’s Lake Chapala.  John Burnett was one of them.  He had moved here from Dallas to retire, so I asked him why. “My friends back home ask me that all the time,” he said.  “And I wish read more…

S Oct 24, 2014

The Hedonic Clock

Anticipating the future is confusing. It’s unknown, for one thing. And we don’t have any tools for measuring. What I can tell from reader mail is that we put a steep discount on the future. If it ain’t soon, it ain’t. You would be amazed at the number of 55-year-old read more…

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Millionaire Teacher

The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School

By Andrew Hallam

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