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AB Mar 31, 2015

When the Patient is Part of the Cure

A family member received a diagnosisof throat cancer a few years back. It was devastating diagnosis. A surprising one, too.  She didn’t fit the profile of the heavy drinker and smoker at high risk for the disease. She was facing extensive surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and an unknown future. Cancer, whatever the outcome, is a true, life-changing experience. read more…

A Mar 31, 2015

Building A Low Cost Portfolio With Socially Responsible Funds

Some of my friends don’t feel good about investing.  They want to make money. But they won’t support businesses that build missiles, hook kids on cigarettes or extract air polluting fossil fuels.  That rules out most actively managed funds and indexes. They don’t discriminate against specific types of companies.

Investors wanting read more…

S Mar 25, 2015

For Most People, Owning a Car Is Better Than Leasing

Q. I am a 78-year-old widow and would like your opinion on what makes sense when it comes to car buying? I have always paid cash. But a number of my friends lease and replace cars every two or three years. My husband always said leasing only made sense if you could write off the lease as a business expense. Is that still true? My 11-year old Camry has 85,000 miles and is due for replacement. —A.S., by email read more…

S Mar 20, 2015

Transforming Home Equity Into a Better Retirement

Imagine you are in your 60s, looking over your shoulder for signs that your job will soon disappear.  Imagine you don’t have a pension. Imagine you don’t have much money in your 401(k) plan. Indeed, you may have next to nothing. What you have is your home, one you have lived in for a long time- long enough to have paid off the mortgage. read more…

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