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Here’s the Truth. Numbers Don’t Lie.

We bridge the gap with simplicity, discipline and execution when the investor doesn’t want to travel the do-it-yourself path. This is done through the statistically efficient, risk-calibrated portfolios of Dimensional Fund Advisors. Our service is based on managing your investments within these statistically efficient portfolios—all to increase return and reduce risk.

Competitive Pricing That Wins

The business model supporting our mission is “fee-only.” This frees us from the conflicts associated with commission-based transactions. Translation: We work solely for you.

Based on our use of innovative technology, we offer a very competitive fee-only structure. Couple that with the low costs of our funds and you’ll enjoy more of your money from day one.

AssetBuilder portfolios are tailored based on your financial goal, your investment horizon, and your risk tolerance. All done to make long-term investing both easy and rewarding through the four elements of investing; simple indexing, simple diversification, smart indexing and smart asset allocation.

We’re in this together. We win when you win.



Smart Fee Calculator

Sometimes looking at tables and charts can be confusing. We like to keep things simple so that you can be smart about your decisions. Enter this form and we can give you an estimate of your fees when investing with us.


Your Estimated Fees

We done the math for you and given you some hypothetical estimates of your fees.


Your First Year of Investment:

Your first year will always have a higher fee because of the Schwab trading cost.

  • AssetBuilder Fees: (%)
  • Schwab Trading Fee:
  • Estimated Total Fees:

Additional Years:

Once you have built your portfolio, your additional years will see less cost than the first year.

  • AssetBuilder Fees: (%)
  • Schwab Trading Fee: to
  • Estimated Total Fees: to

It's important for you to understand

  1. The above calculations are hypothetical estimates and are shown for illustrative purposes only. The above calculations do not take into consideration any gain or loss to your account due to appreciation or depreciation and thus the numbers shown will vary based on the value of your account at the time of your actual billing statement.
  2. Estimating future costs is based on the account being rebalanced annually. The estimated cost of these transactions is between $80 and $199.80. Accounts are typically not rebalanced this often and unless, the account value is higher than $350,000, the estimated Schwab trading fees shown above will be at the lower end of the cost estimate.
  3. We use DFA funds throughout our portfolios. The Gross Operating Expense for these funds currently range from % to % per year. These expenses have not been reflected in the above calculations.
  4. The Schwab transaction fee calculation assumes you have signed up with their electronic delivery service.

Smaller Fees.

AssetBuilder’s fee structure ranges from a maximum of 50 basis points (0.5 percent) a year down to 20 basis points—depending on the size of the account. (We currently accept only accounts with at least $50,000.)

Amount of Assets Invested Annual Fee
$50,000.00 - $249,999.99 .45 of one percent(45 basis points)
$250,000.00 - $ 599,999.99 .43 of one percent (43 basis points)
$600,000.00 - $999,999.99 .40 of one percent (40 basis points)
$1,000,000.00 - $3,999,999.99 .30 of one percent (30 basis points)
$4,000,000.00 - $19,999,999.99 .25 of one percent (25 basis points)
$20,000,000.00 and above .20 of one percent (20 basis points)

Say Goodbye To Extra Commissions. Say Hello To AssetBuilder.

Our asset management fee.

Our business model is “fee only”. This allows us to be free from the conflicts associated with “fee based” or commission based transactions inherent in the industry. Meaning the fee table above is the only way we are paid.

Operating expense ratio of the funds.

Gross expense ratio is the compilation of expense ratios for the 14 funds used in our portfolios. It ranges from % to %. The lower gross expense ratio denotes more fixed income and the higher gross expense ratio denotes more equity. There are no loads (commissions) or 12b-1 fees associated with DFA. (

Custodial cost for transactions.

There are no set-up fees. Equity trades that create the portfolio are based on a per trade cost of $20 min to $49.95 max, depending on the amount traded. Therefore, most of our portfolios require us to buy 12 (some require 14) mutual funds with the cost between $240 to $600.

We’ve mentioned our success strategy comes from a complicated equation called mean variance optimization. Well, here’s a more simple formula for you: The lower the fees you pay, the more of your money you keep.

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