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Think Smart. Think AssetBuilder.

We build portfolios. We build them with particular attention to risk. We build them smart.

Our goal is to provide the greatest potential return with the least possible risk. Have you been thinking about your portfolio but not had time to really manage it?  We offer a simpler way to get it done.

We do things many individual investors simply don’t.

Sure… lots of people "get it" when it comes to index investing. But, they lose it when it comes to execution.

They let their money sit in cash. They let magazine articles influence their investment choices — or allow stray ideas to derail their focus. Maybe they simply fail to re-balance when it is time. There are dozens of ways they can miss the boat. Yet, the end result is far too often the same. A smaller return when much more could have happened.

We put the idea to work. We make it happen.

AssetBuilder takes responsibility for all the details. And, we do it for 20 to 50 basis points (0.20% to 0.50%) a year.

The impact of fees would for example reduce performance by as much as 70 basis points (.70%) per year. (Calculation based on average fee impact on $50,000 invested in AB Model Portfolio 6 rebalanced annually for 5 years.)

If you are a dedicated independent investor, you can do much of this yourself for probably an annual cost of about 30 basis points (0.30%). All depending on where and how you build the portfolio. We believe AssetBuilder is worth the small difference.

We execute meticulously and tabulate arduously; you see our process adds value through mean variance optimization of portfolios rather than easier constructions like the Couch Potato. It’s a precisely measured return for a defined measure of risk.

Who is AssetBuilder For?

Portfolio accumulators - People still working with previous employer 401(k) accounts, other qualified plans and taxable accounts will enjoy greater growth for any level of risk tolerance.

Distribution portfolios - Retirees and early retirees who need to draw on their nest eggs will enjoy better odds of long-term portfolio survival.

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