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The Ted Aronson Portfolios

— The Aronson Family Taxable
 3 Mth Period1 Yr Annual 3 Yrs Annual5 Yrs AnnualY-T-D Period 5 Yrs Std Dev
Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Fund2.7611.351.786.7415.4412.71
Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities-1.981.421.134.323.695.62
Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Fund-1.426.769.489.383.506.26
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx-0.0617.6022.9115.706.8615.97
Vanguard 500 Index1.0919.5422.8015.538.2115.25
Vanguard Small Cap Value Index-5.4612.4724.0115.502.3820.09
Vanguard Extended Market Idx-4.829.5523.2816.290.9620.09
Vanguard Small-Cap- Growth Indx-5.565.7122.3416.45-1.6521.84
Vanguard Pacific Stock Index-4.000.6510.546.05-1.0715.65
Vanguard European Stock Index Fund-7.365.6315.966.92-2.2021.16
Vanguard Emerging Mkts Stock-2.445.967.554.164.3320.42
Aronson Family Taxable-2.188.4013.0410.224.0210.96

Total returns as of September 2014.