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The Ted Aronson Portfolios

— The Aronson Family Taxable
 3 Mth Period1 Yr Annual 3 Yrs Annual5 Yrs AnnualY-T-D Period 5 Yrs Std Dev
Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Fund3.4518.954.187.8121.8412.85
Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities-1.463.100.703.674.785.46
Vanguard High-Yield Corporate Fund-0.455.308.849.204.976.30
Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Idx2.9715.3920.6716.2112.4415.76
Vanguard 500 Index3.6916.6720.7415.7913.8115.01
Vanguard Small Cap Value Index0.0411.4621.0417.558.5520.03
Vanguard Extended Market Idx0.039.6020.2318.046.4319.98
Vanguard Small-Cap- Growth Indx-0.315.6418.4818.553.1221.75
Vanguard Pacific Stock Index-5.58-2.128.816.06-2.2015.69
Vanguard European Stock Index Fund-4.050.2712.946.52-2.2721.03
Vanguard Emerging Mkts Stock-5.964.664.743.525.6820.14
Aronson Family Taxable-0.837.8411.7310.577.0210.82

Total returns as of November 2014.