Kennon Grose

Chief Executive Officer

Kennon Grose

Kennon has worn many hats over his successful 20-year career. Before co-founding AssetBuilder with Scott Burns in 2006, Kennon had proven himself a highly qualified executive manager for industry leaders such as Microsoft, American Airlines, Sybase, and EDS.

Ever the entrepreneur, Kennon soon moved on to a number of other successful leadership positions, serving as General Partner for Gold Creek Capital, President & COO of GolfPort, Inc., President & CEO of VertaPort, Inc., and President of Optima Asset Management. But his true calling was yet to come.

In August of 2006, Kennon joined forces with Scott to develop something they felt was long overdue: a registered investment advisory business for smaller investors usually beset by high expenses and dubious products. It was a kindred partnership based on a commonsense philosophy that resonated widely among investors. They called their business AssetBuilder.

Kennon currently resides in Frisco, Texas with his wife and has three grown kids.

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