Along with the citizens of our country, we at AssetBuilder are doing our part to help lessen the effects of the COVID-19 virus and to help minimize the broader impact on our healthcare system.

First, we would like to make it perfectly clear that our service to you remains at the highest level of quality. While our business operations have not been impacted, we decided to limit employee travel and in-person meetings. Our employees are now sheltering at home and using remote systems. We ask that you are patient with us as we learn our new normal.

Support for You

We want to thank you for being loyal readers and clients and to ensure you get the support you need during this trying time. 

Over the next few months, AssetBuilder will be extending its advice service to anyone that needs help, free of charge. 

We are offering this regardless of whether you’re invested with us, a DIY investor, or working with someone else and need a second opinion. As fiduciaries, we want to do our part to help our community.

We are offering advice in the following categories.

Sudden Income Loss:

With millions of Americans filling for unemployment, we want to ensure you know your options for continuing your income from investments. We can walk you through some of the provisions of the recent CARES act and help you understand how you can use your 401(k) to get through this difficult time.


Market volatility might have you worried about your future retirement income. We can walk you through some simple adjustments to your current investments. We can also work with you on the CARES act provisions at it relates to retirees. We want to help you rebuild your wealth and not miss out on the retirement you’ve planned on.

Your Investment Risk

The market downturn has made us all question if we have the right investments to reach our goals. We can look into your current investments and your current goals and help you understand what the right risk is for.

If you feel you could use help in any of these capacities, please feel free to email us at, by phone at (214) 556-3847 or setup a meeting with one of our advisors using our online system here (

As always, we will be continuing to provide up to date content on the market in our knowledge center and through our podcast.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you and your family the best during these trying times.

Wishing the best for you and yours,

—The AssetBuilder Team


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