Our Basis for Investing is You

We invest to achieve what matters to you. And, since your goals are unique, we believe your portfolio allocation should be too. After all, as your fiduciary, we are compelled to act in your benefit, not our own.

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Our philosophy is backed by Nobel prize winning research and tested against decades of market trends. Why employ anything else?

What Makes Us Different:

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We Invest in Index Funds

Research shows that almost 80% of active fund managers underperform their benchmarks over a five year period. That’s why we believe that instead of trying to “pick” winners, we bet that the average performance of all the stocks within an index will produce a better return. In other words, we do not chase trends, make lofty predictions or gamble. We believe that markets are efficient and, thus, index funds provide the most cost-effective way to build long-term wealth.

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Low Fees Matter

A standard investment advisor may sometimes capture big market gains, but those earnings are easily carved away by high fees— some of which you may not be aware. The average fee for a registered investment advisor is roughly one percent. But that may be in addition to tacked on commissions or loads. Even more, some active managers charge double, or even triple that. Our clients typically enjoy less than half a percent for assets under management. Lowering your fees is just another way we keep your money working for you. Find out how much our low fees could save you by trying our free, easy-to-use, fee calculator

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Your Risk is Optimized

We design portfolios to ensure that you achieve the highest risk-adjusted returns, based on historical data and evidence. We also focus on creating a portfolio that allows you to experience the least volatility possible for the highest long-term return that you seek. And for your knowledge and convenience, we provide historical data that allows you to see not only the averages of the past 3, 5 or 10-year return— but also the worst years. This allows you (and us) to determine the suitability of your investment allocation.

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We Invest with Your Future in Mind

Investors so often have a singular goal: maximize returns. In reality, that is not the true goal.

For instance, you may be looking to grow your nest egg. Maybe, you’d like to help with the grandkid’s college fund one day. Your money is always purposed for something. And that something determines how and why you invest.

We say, invest with the future in mind. We do this by constructing a portfolio based on what matters to you. That means we do not employ algorithms. We do not listen to market insiders. Our financial advisors never gamble your money, they instead, get to know you on a deeply personal level to develop an investment strategy that works, and continues to work, for your life.

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We Use Dimensional Funds

The idea behind AssetBuilder was to create portfolios less vulnerable to steep decline, driven by the Fama/French school of concepts. This includes the use of low cost “active index” funds. We partner with Dimensional Fund Advisors to implement these strategies.

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We Keep Your Taxes Lower

Whether focusing on fixed income or equity strategies we work with you to ensure that your money is invested in a tax-efficient manner. This may involve using tax managed funds within your portfolio or having certain asset classes invested in a tax advantaged manner across investment vehicles. This ensures that you are receiving the highest after-tax returns.

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We Work For You.

AssetBuilder proudly acts in accordance with the fiduciary standard. This means we are not only ethically motivated but also legally obligated to make decisions that are in your best interest. This ensures we conduct ourselves with the utmost care and professionalism, the highest standard of ethics, and manage your investment based on your benefit, not our own.

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We Invest with Factors

To put it plainly, we look at characteristics of high performing companies that have been consistent over long periods of time. Some of these traits make logical sense. For instance, a group of profitable companies would, over time, outperform a similarly sized group of companies that is not profitable. Instead of trying to pick a single stock to add to a portfolio (like an active manager) or buying the entire index of companies (like an index manager), AssetBuilder selects companies that demonstrate profitable cash flows, relative to their peers. Implementing this strategy across different industries, geographies, and time periods will enhance returns for our clients.

Factor investing is backed by a long history of long-term equity performance. Among these factors, we pick those tilted toward small/value, meaning that we choose inexpensive stocks relative to their profitability. In order for these factors to be implemented in an AssetBuilder portfolio, the factor must take place across multiple industries, geographies, and be pervasive across time periods. In other words, it must always be tested and proven.

We Invest in the Long Term

It’s easy to get caught chasing returns. You jump in and out of the market, just like the suits on Wall Street. But market timers rarely beat their index benchmark, over time. We know that staying disciplined and keeping fees low promotes long-term wealth.

Not surprisingly, we look at our relationship with our investors as long-term, as well. That’s because we also apply a deeply human and personal approach to everything we do. It’s a methodology that works, proven time and time again.

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