AssetBuilder’s Portfolio Selection

Because no two investors are alike, AssetBuilder offers clients a range of Model Portfolios to choose from. Each Model Portfolio is designed to offer an optimized asset allocation based on varying levels of risk.

Your Investment Objectives and Risks

While some clients establish their investment objectives and guidelines on their own, many rely on advisors other than AssetBuilder such as tax advisors, attorneys and financial planners. In setting your investment objectives, each investor has their own financial situations, investment time horizon, funding strategy, investment experience, tax status, risk tolerances, goals, and other life circumstances that dictate the constructed weightings of asset classes in their Model Portfolio.

We recommend you consider which of the following risk profiles is best suited for you:

  • Conservative — portfolios managed to achieve targeted reasonable return at a minimal risk of loss. It is more likely to be a distributing portfolio than an accumulating portfolio, but may be necessary for accumulators who face major job changes or other risks.
    • Capital Preservation
    • Stable
  • Moderate — portfolios managed to achieve growth at reasonable risk of loss. It could be the accumulating portfolio or one making modest distributions. It is best for people whose life circumstances make them somewhat cautious.
    • Balanced
  • Aggressive — portfolios managed to achieve growth. It often has new money being added regularly or can be drawn from on a discretionary basis. It is designed to have an above average return but can face declines resulting in losses greater than its expected annual return.
    • Growth
    • Aggressive Growth

I chose my risk profile what’s next

Once your objectives and guidelines are established and you are seeking a particular investment goal, we found the following information helpful:
In helping you find an investment goal through an AssetBuilder Model Portfolio, the following is a range of objectives that map to a specific investment goal and a range of guidelines that express your investment risk.

Capital Preservation

A capital preservation investment strategy reflects your desire to avoid risk and loss of principal. It may also mean you intend to invest over a short period of time.


A stable investment strategy reflects your desire to see lower, more stable returns while avoiding high risk. It may also mean that you’re planning to invest over a short period of time.


A balanced investment strategy reflects your desire to seek the potential for growth. You’re moderately tolerant of risk and plan to invest for a medium/long period of time.


A growth investment strategy reflects your desire to seek potential investment growth as well as your tolerance for market fluctuations and risk. You’re probably planning to invest over a long period of time.

Aggressive Growth

An aggressive growth investment strategy reflects your desire for potentially substantial investment growth as well as your tolerance for large market fluctuations and increased risk of loss. You’re probably planning on investing over a long period of time.

I’m still not sure where I belong

That's ok. That's what AssetBuilder is here for. If you are having difficulties deciding on what portfolio you belong in please take our survey to calculate your risk and narrow your choices to three. If you're still having issues with the three choices click the let's get some information button, enter your information, and someone on our team will contact you within three business days to help you with your decision.

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