Since its inception, AssetBuilder was molded by the words of Scott Burns. Scott spent his career promoting the simplest approach to successful investing. Forty years of columns promote the most basic tenets of a sound investment philosophy:

Choose low-fee investments. The promise of better returns in exchange for a higher fee is a promise likely to be broken.

Buy index funds. Even the most “skilled” fund managers fail to beat their related index 70 percent of the time. Index funds remove the need for a clairvoyant fund manager and his accompanying fees.

Diversify as a hedge against risk. Does diversification mean you will escape unscathed from any market? Not at all. A tornado will damage your car even if it’s parked in the garage. A hailstorm won’t. Diversification is a garage for your investments.

These principles continue to form the foundation of how we manage our clients’ funds. In fact, Scott continues to have his own retirement funds managed by AssetBuilder.

As Scott savors his deadline-free retirement, twenty years of his columns remain available here at AssetBuilder. Scott’s future columns, if any, will also be published in our Knowledge Center. So we wish Scott a wonderful retirement, and we hope it includes at least an occasional visit from his muse.