Q. My parents gave me $10,000 recently and I want to do something safe with it for my daughter who is 15.   I was checking into 'I' bonds.   My husband suggested a CD--a local bank has advertised 3.8% for a year. Do you have a recommendation?   Am trying to research the pros & cons--want to make a wise choice for her future.

---M.S., by e-mail from Dallas

A. Unless you intend to hold onto the I Savings Bonds for 5 years, when your daughter will be 20, you need to consider the impact of the penalty for redeeming before the security has been held for 5 years. If you redeem an I Savings Bond before 5 years you pay a penalty equal to the 3 most recent months of interest. The longer you hold the security before redeeming, the smaller the burden.

This is NOT a reason to avoid I Savings Bonds. It's just something to consider.

As a practical matter, the I Savings Bond will provide a tax deferred income. Furthermore, the current 3.8 percent yield is very good. According to http://www.banxquote.com/, the national average yield on 5 year CDs was recently 3.76 percent. And if inflation rises, so will your return.

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