Building your Portfolio

I would like to offer my personal thanks to those of you who have become AssetBuilder clients during the past year. We reached our second anniversary at the end of May, and we continue to grow. Even during these tough economic times. Thanks to you and your referrals, we have attracted more than 500 clients across 34 states, representing $173 million in invested assets.

The secret to our success continues to be YOU!

We believe the current global financial crisis will reshape the financial services industry in terms of competition, government regulation and investors’ taste for financial products. Now more than ever, you understand the only guaranteed part of the return is the fees you pay.

If you’re like most AssetBuilder clients, you came to us because you were tired of doing business with Wall Street brokers, their high-risk stock pickers and overpriced middlemen. You told us you didn’t want to invest based on fear, uncertainty and doubt. And we listened.

We stripped out the unnecessary costs and risks and built an investment firm that puts you first. We offered a science-based system of diversified index investing designed to capitalize on the market’s long-term growth, rather than playing stock-picking games. We cleared away Wall Street’s smoke and mirrors in favor of an open and honest relationship with our clients – one that respects your intelligence.

The question we ask ourselves every day. Do we have the right investment strategy? Are the models performing the way we expected them to?

All of our model portfolios are recovering from the current market low set March 9, 2009 – measured by the S&P 500 total return. The science of investing is holding up STRONG against the fear, uncertainty and doubt of the market. While we focus on diversification, it is nice when our investment strategy is holding two of the best performing Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds YTD. Both emerging markets; DEMSX 45.66% and DFEVX 43.13%.

Word is certainly spreading. AssetBuilder’s Web site – a wealth of valuable information and a repository for Scott’s writings – is averaging more than 1,600 visitors per day. Recently, we have seen as much viewer interest in information about AssetBuilder as we have seen with Scott’s Couch Potato information. The AssetBuilder “our portfolios” page is the third most viewed page on our site.

We were recently featured in a NY Times article “Stirring Up the Right Investment Mix” by Ron Liber. Mr. Liber focused on our use of DFA funds – available only through registered investment advisors. He further notes, “AssetBuilder, in Plano, Tex., is charging its clients less in management fees (and allowing portfolios of much smaller sizes) than just about anyone else offering DFA funds.”

Thank you again for making all of this possible, through your confidence in us, your loyalty and your referrals. Empowered by your trust, AssetBuilder will continue this journey to make our clients’ investing simple – and their futures smart.