Our Process Starts With A Pro.

Joining a new investment company can seem like a daunting task sometimes. Not with AssetBuilder. We make the process easy as possible for you. Just take a look at our four simple steps.

1. Find your direction of investing

Start off by taking our online survey. It’ll help determine which portfolio is the smart one for you. Simply answer four easy questions to get an idea of where you fit in our investment strategy and which portfolio might be right for you. Once finished...either apply online or give us a call at 972.535.4040 to speak to a representative.

2. Getting the gears started

One of our AssetBuilder team members will contact you upon receiving your information form. Together, we’ll identify the ideal portfolio selection for you and determine what accounts you need to open.

3. The paperwork

AssetBuilder fills out all the necessary forms — leaving you to handle only the secure information. Because really, who likes to fill out paperwork? Look for one of our team members to email you a prefilled application form. Simply fill out the remaining pieces and and fax, email, or mail us back the signed forms. Once we receive them, we can open your account with Schwab. (This process usually takes 2-3 business days.)

4. Funding

Once your account is open, you may begin funding. Expect one of our team members to contact you with specific funding instructions and an account number for Schwab. Please note: Funding is the longest step in our process and the amount of time is dependent on your specific situation. When done, though, you’re all set to begin.

You will receive, via email, quarterly performance and other reports from AssetBuilder in addition to the monthly statement from Schwab. Access to your accounts is also available online at schwaballiance.com

Get started today with AssetBuilder! Take The Survey.