AssetBuilder - Registered Investment AdvisorI would like to offer my personal thanks to those of you who have become AssetBuilder clients during the past year. We reached our first anniversary at the end of May, and our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Thanks to you and your referrals, we have attracted more than 300 clients across 24 states, representing $124 million in invested assets. We are currently adding more than one new client every day.

What’s our secret? YOU, of course.

If you’re like most AssetBuilder clients, you came to us because you were tired of doing business with Wall Street brokers, their high-risk stock pickers and overpriced middlemen. You told us you wanted a simpler way to invest – an alternative. And we listened.

We stripped out the unnecessary costs and risks and built an investment firm that puts you first. We offered a science-based system of diversified index investing designed to capitalize on the market’s long-term growth, rather than playing stock-picking games. We cleared away Wall Street’s smoke and mirrors in favor of an open and honest relationship with our clients – one that respects your intelligence.

And we achieved this with a very low fee structure. In fact, our business model has our professional fees positioned at half the published industry average of one percent.

Together, we are on a journey – a mission to challenge Wall Street’s entrenched system of unnecessary costs, risks and complexity. We’re well on our way.

Word is certainly spreading.  AssetBuilder’s Web site – a wealth of valuable information and a repository for Scott’s writings – is averaging more than 1,600 visitors per day.  Propelling us well ahead of our competitors. 

Scott is continuing his focus on writing, investor education and the research necessary to be our Chief Investment Strategist.  Scott will be a busy person while promoting his new book, Spend ‘Til the End, which hit the shelves on June 10.  In May and June alone, Scott has appeared on 19 radio broadcasts from coast to coast.  In media markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Denver and Seattle.

Thank you again for making all of this possible, through your confidence in us, your loyalty and your referrals. Empowered by your trust, AssetBuilder will continue this journey to make our clients’ investing simple – and their futures smart.