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Yep, We’re a 10/10 Company
October 18, 2019

Yep, We’re a 10/10 Company

Written By: Jared Herzog

Sure, this 10-points-out-of-10-possible-points is a system created by the prestigious, Dimensional Fund Advisors, of whose philosophy we align ourselves. And yes, it may be a little biased to measure our company against a standard of which we already agree. But we’re proud of that standard. And we’re even more proud to meet it.

DFA has etched in stone the “10 Attributes of Great Financial Advisors” This talisman marks the individual characteristics that a client should expect of their advisor. Because, in the end, we’re advisors; we’re here to help YOU make an informed decision while WE take care of the rest.

Let’s see how we measure up.

1. Purposeful
They have a clear mission to serve clients and help them reach their goals.

Are you getting ready for retirement? Maybe you’re steadily stashing away cash for your child’s college fund? Or, what if you just want a safe, no hassle investment experience? A clear goal implies a clear strategy. We take time to understand each client on an individual basis to fully comprehend all goal and needs. This is how we customize your portfolio.

2. Empathetic:
They know they cannot effectively serve clients without genuinely relating to them.

The thing about empathy is that it’s pretty hard for robots to recreate. Those robo-advisors aren’t going to help you stay the course during volatile times. They aren’t going to take time to get to know you to understand what you’d like to achieve with your investment. In contrast, we are always a phone call away if you have any questions—no automated system, no impersonal emails, just an advisor that cares.

3. Authentic:
They reveal their true selves to clients.

We are always 110% transparent about who we are and what we do. That’s because we believe in our philosophy. We know it works. Heck, it earned one of our favorite people a Nobel Prize. But we’re not after public recognition. We just want our clients to know the what and why of our investment philosophy.

4. Intellectually Curious:
They continue to search for the most robust solutions for clients.

As a fiduciary, we promote investment strategies that keep each client’s best interest at heart. That’s why we continually hunt for ways which we can provide a better service to you and a profitable investment experience. We may stick to a standard, but that standard is making sure your investment needs are met by keeping our eyes open for more beneficial solutions.

5. Personally Inquisitive:
They work hard to uncover what’s truly meaningful to their clients.

Sure, this might be a reiteration (you may even call it a “gimmie point”) but we really do cater your investment to your life—no matter what stage it’s in. And that means understanding more than just your demographics. It means getting to know you personally. That way, we can invest to not only to achieve your objectives but to anticipate future life changes.

6. Quiet:
They listen more than they talk.

We admit, it can get a little rowdy around here sometimes. Especially the first workday after a Dallas Cowboys game—one wouldn’t necessarily describe our office as quiet. BUT we certainly listen to our clients no matter what day it is. As we said, we are always available to answer any questions about market behavior, reallocation, trade tariffs—anything. No matter what’s on your mind (even to gripe about America’s favorite disappointing team) we encourage you to drop a line. We’re all ears.

7. Passionate:
Their unwavering desire to do well for others drives constant improvement.

As perfectly stated above, our passion drives our incessant improvement. That’s because our focus is on our clients’ success—not just our own. Our passion isn’t making money on the stock market. Rather, garnering consistent returns is the means to which we fulfill that passion. Because, again, our passion is our clients. We work for you. Period.

8. Entrepreneurial:
They run their practice as a business and plan strategically for the future.

We center our whole business around planning strategically for the future. Notice we say, “planning strategically” not “predicting.” Because no one knows what the market will do tomorrow, or the next day. We just know that by investing in a diversified mix of low-cost index funds and staying disciplined over time, we will continue to grow our client’s wealth. And unlike many active investors, we sustain and grow that wealth over the long-haul.

9. Honest:
They set realistic expectations about controllable actions and probable outcomes.

This is our bread and butter. We act in accordance to a disciplined, low cost, reality-tested strategy and never over-boast about the possible outcomes of success. We know our philosophy works because it has always worked. That means we will always keep your expectations in check with reality.

10. Disciplined:
They don’t let market swings or media messages drive impulsive actions.

We keep our disciplined approach, regardless of market trends and prophecies. That’s because we know that the market is utterly unpredictable. So, we stay our course, rebalance on time, and keep your money working for you—rain or shine.

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