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Our Portfolio Allocations

Aggressive Growth

An aggressive growth investment strategy reflects your desire for potentially substantial investment growth as well as your tolerance for large market fluctuations and increased risk of loss. You’re probably planning to invest over a long period of time.

Portfolio 14

Portfolio 14

Fixed Income

  • 10% | DFIHX - DFA Dimensional 1YR Fxd Inc

U.S. Large

  • 6% | DFLVX - DFA US L/C Value Portfolio
  • 6% | DUSLX - DFA US Large Cap Growth

U.S. Small

  • 13% | DFSVX - DFA US Small Cap Value
  • 6% | DSCGX - DFA US Small Cap Growth
  • 6% | DFSCX - DFA US Micro Cap


  • 13% | DFREX - DFA Real Estate


  • 9% | DISVX - DFA Intl Small Cap Value PT
  • 8% | DISMX - DFA Intl Small Cap Growth

Emerging Markets

  • 11% | DFEVX - DFA Emerging Markets Value
  • 12% | DEMSX - DFA Emerging Markets Small Cap

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