An Unpredictable Market Shouldn’t Give You an Unpredictable Future

With daily volatility, click-baited headlines and gold-toothed market gurus, investing can feel dizzying. And a global pandemic does not make it any easier.

We Are Here to Help

Whether you have experienced sudden loss of income, need a risk assessment, or want to generate retirement income—our advisors are here for you. They can help your investments get back on track, just like we did for our clients during the 2008 crash.

We Fortify Your Investment Portfolio

We appropriate the most cost-effective, risk mitigated portfolio tailored to meet your goals. It is a philosophy based on Eugene Fama’s research— a 2013 Nobel Prize winner in economics— and trusted by millions of investors around the world.

We Invest in Index Funds

We do not chase trends, make lofty predictions or gamble. We know that markets are efficient and, thus, index funds provide the most cost-effective way to build long-term wealth. It’s the “Buffet” in us.

We Diversify

In order to hedge risk, weather downturns and take advantage of upturns, we spread our investment across a globally diverse set of asset classes. We would never gamble our money, nor would we gamble yours.

We Keep Fees Low

Active managers may sometimes “win big” but part of those earnings come right from your wallet. We, however, charge less than half a percent. And we will never add commissions or loads because it’s your money, your returns.

We Buy and Hold

No market headline, over-anxious commentator, or any shade of red compels us to change our strategy. Like a ship captain, we stay the course, storm or sun.

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Finally, and Most Importantly, We Are Fiduciaries.

We are both legally and ethically compelled to act in your best interest— not our own. Period. As your financial advocate, we help you secure a healthy financial future— no matter how unstable the market, how shocking the headlines, or crooked-smiled the “expert.”

We Offer Stability in an Unstable World.

Give us a call, send us an email or set up an online meeting. We are more than happy to help— just like we have for thousands of clients for the last 13 years.

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