Finally, a Future You Can Count On

We believe you deserve a retirement where you should spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying life. We invest to help you do just that.

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Our research backed, time-tested philosophy keeps your money working for you as you enjoy your post-career life.

How We Give You Retirement Income:

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We Keep Fees Low

Your nest egg is vulnerable to the exuberant fees your advisor may be charging you. We, however, usually charge less than half a percent. And we never charge commissions or loads because it is your money, therefore, it is your returns. This allows your money to support you even further through retirement.

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We Diversify in Index Funds

In order to hedge risk, weather market downturns and take advantage of upturns, we spread our investments across asset classes, around the world. We would not gamble our money, nor would we ever gamble yours.

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How We Handle Inflation

Inflation is an important consideration for the long-term investor. By combining the right mix of growth and risk management assets, investors can blunt the effects of inflation and grow their wealth, over time. However, the right mix of assets for any investor will depend upon that investor’s unique goals and needs. Your financial advisor can help you weigh the impact of inflation and other important considerations when preparing and investing for the future.

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We Invest For Future Expenses

Our advisors assess your income needs to establish bequest motivations, emergency contingencies and future expenses can be met. We achieve this through a methodology known as Liability Driven Investment (LDI).

LDI is an investment methodology designed to create cash-flows needed to fund future expenses. And since you know what those everyday expenses are, we invest specifically to cover them. This method of investing for retirement has long been reserved for institutions and governments— until now.

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We use Dimensional Funds

Under the wing of Nobel Prize-Winning economist, Eugene Fama, David Booth bet on a passive approach to investing. Since then, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) has been trusted by investors and advisors for almost 30 years. Our “buy and hold” philosophy marries perfectly to the conservative and broadly diversified nature of DFA funds. These funds are generally risk adverse so you can build wealth throughout your life and into retirement with confidence. All in all, with DFA funds, we focus on building your overall wealth rather than endless trading based on pernicious predictions and knee-jerk reactions to volatility.

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We Keep Your Taxes Lower

The objective of our income portfolios is to provide you with the highest after-tax income that you can achieve over your lifetime. That means we focus on providing you with the lowest overall lifetime tax burden. This allows you to have more confidence that your spending power will remain in place as you age.

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Your Risk is Optimized

While many investors mistakenly believe that higher returns automatically translate into higher stable income, evidence suggests that this is not the case. Instead of focusing on the highest risk adjusted returns, we design our income portfolios to provide the highest stable level of income possible. The risk optimization process for income portfolios allows us to generate the highest level of stable income throughout your life.

We Ensure Your Money is There When You Need It

The idea behind LDI is to buy fixed income securities that mature at the right time and in the right amount to cover future expenses. It’s a concept known as duration matching. In other words, we invest in bonds that mature in the amount needed to cover your expenses— even when the market is volatile.

Furthermore, we invest in bond funds that are protected from inflation. At maturity, these bonds - known as TIPS (Inflation-protected Treasuries) - pay the original rate and adjust for inflation. We use TIPS to ensure that your future income is worth just as much tomorrow as it is today.

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Retire Confidently with AssetBuilder

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