Think of us as more than algorithms. We Are
Your Advocates.

AssetBuilder is a money manager.

An ultra-low-cost, disciplined, reality-tested money manager.

Being an advocate means being engaged with you and your goals every step of the way. We’re not just focused on returns, but on what those returns mean to you and yours. Algorithms are good; the benefit of a personal advisor to guide you through investing for your future is better.

Our Advantage

Why We Choose To Be DFA Fund Advisors
The idea behind DFA was to create portfolios less vulnerable to steep decline, driven by the Fama/French school of concepts low cost index funds, “naïve” asset allocation and smart indexing. The result is a family of potential portfolios that allows the investor the highest possible return at any level of risk. Trying to time the market is rarely successful; “buy and hold” offers far better opportunities.

More on AssetBuilder Portfolios

What We Do
As DFA Fund Advisors, we build strong, low-cost portfolios based on disciplined, reality-tested principles, not Wall Street gimmicks

How We Do It
After getting to know your goals, we combine low-cost index fund investing with meticulous diversification and allocation for maximum returns.

Why We Do It
”Beating the market” is a proven myth, often squandering earnings with high fees and commissions. We believe you deserve a wiser approach.

De-commission the old way of investing.

Commission-based or “fee-based” transactions can naturally lead to conflicts. Our business model is “fee only,” meaning our only concern is what’s best for you.

Operating expense ratio of the funds.

Gross expense ratio is the compilation of expense ratios for the 14 funds used in our portfolios. It ranges from 0.24% to 0.45%, with the low end offering more fixed income and the higher end offering more equity. There are no loads (commissions) or 12b-1 fees associated with DFA. (

Custodial cost for transactions.

There are no set-up fees. Equity trades that create the portfolio are based on a per trade cost of $11.95. Therefore, most of our portfolios require us to buy 11 (some require 14) mutual funds with the cost between $132 to $167 at account opening.


Calculate Your Ultra-Low-Fees

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We’ve done the math for you.

Here are some hypothetical estimates of your fees.

Your First Year of Investment:

The first year will always have slightly higher fees because of Schwab’s trading costs.

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  • Schwab Trading Fee: {{ fcc.formatNumber(fcc.Fees.FirstYearSchwabSetup) }}
  • Estimated Total Fees: {{ fcc.formatNumber(fcc.Fees.FirstYearTotalFee) }}

Additional Years:

Once you have built your portfolio, your additional years will see less cost than the first year.

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  • Schwab Trading Fee: {{ fcc.formatNumber(fcc.Fees.RebalanceFeeMin) }} to {{ fcc.formatNumber(fcc.Fees.RebalanceFeeMax) }}
  • Estimated Total Fees: {{ fcc.addNumbers(fcc.Fees.ABFee, fcc.Fees.RebalanceFeeMin) }} to {{ fcc.addNumbers(fcc.Fees.ABFee, fcc.Fees.RebalanceFeeMax) }}

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