We Invest for Life.

We invest in what’s important. Your goals. Your family. Your legacy. In other words, our basis for investing, quite simply, is you.

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Investing for the Smarter Investor

Unlike the big legacy firms, we don’t push products that you do not need. Nor do we adhere to the lofty premonitions of market headlines or gurus. We, instead, help you achieve financial goals by employing a time-tested, proven investment strategy. And we do this by following a few key principles.

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We are Goal Based

We take a customized approach to your portfolio. Because, since your goals are unique, we know your investment strategy should be, too.

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We are Reality-Tested

Our philosophy is backed by Nobel prize-winning research and tested against decades of market trends. Why employ anything else?

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We are Low Cost

Our fees are ultra-low, so you keep more of your money, and that money works harder over time. Lower fees give you higher returns.

Invest for Reality

We employ a clear-eyed strategy of diversification, index funds and low fees to fit your reality.

And though we apply science and factor investing to your investment, we also employ a deeply human and personal approach to everything we do. It’s a methodology that works, proven time and time again.

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Retirement Investment Advisor providing consistent retirement income to retired couple.

Retire with Confidence

You deserve an investment plan that covers expenses and maintains your lifestyle in retirement.

With consistent retirement income, we give you the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.

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Our fees vary based on account size, but we never charge more than half a percent, annually. Our minimum requirement to open an account is $50,000— which is just one of the ways we keep our costs low.

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We recommend an investment strategy based on your investment amount, time horizon, risk tolerance and financial objectives. Then, we manage your money by trading, rebalancing and staying the course on your behalf.

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How Retiring with Us Works expand_more

After an initial assessment, we recommend an investment strategy that helps your money last through retirement while maintaining your lifestyle. We also help minimize taxes, rollover your 401k and readjust your portfolio, as needed.

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We assign you a personal advisor who helps guide you along a successful investment path. In addition to managing your investment, they are continually available to you to answer any questions or address any considerations about your investment.

Learn Something New

Our Knowledge Center is consistently updated with the latest investment topics and useful tips to help you be an educated investor. We are your advocate, after all.